Bamboo Watches is an online shop that offers durable 'pieces of time'. We have designed each bamboo watch with fashion enthusiasts who have always been craving to purchase economical products with ease and convenience in mind. Also, our products make a great fashion accessory, regardless of whether you are going to university, to your office or to hang out with your family and friends.


Our Mission

  • To offer something unique to you if you want to take your fashion to the next level 
  • To build trust, maintain a good relationship and keep in touch with you
  • To ensure that our bamboo watch offers you the best value of money

Our Vision

Our purpose is to continuously expand our business to offer you something new every single time you visit our store.

Our bamboo watch is available for all. As a matter of fact, we have products for Women, Men and for Kids as well. We also have ones suitable for her and for him, making it a great gift for couples who want to commemorate a special day together like their birthday or anniversary. In addition to that, you can also check out our store from time to time for we would also be offering a sale and great discounts on our products. You can also avail our gift cards in order for you to enjoy great savings.

The quality of our products is also something that we give a strong emphasis to and this is exactly the main reason why we have decided to make use of bamboo as the main material in creating our watches. After all, it is sturdier than other types of wood. Furthermore they add a different kind of elegance, vibe and feel in the watch. To get the best savings, we also offer free shipping on all orders. There is not even a minimum purchase required. So, place an order today!